Iron V Belt Pulley for Car Accessories



Pulleys, belonging hub type parts, manufacturing process to casting, forging based. Materials are generally cast iron (casting performance is better), rarely used steel (steel casting poor performance); pulley is mainly used for long-distance power transmission applications.

Pulleys, wide range of applications, small sewing machines, and even some large cars are used. Textiles, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, food, petrochemical, instrumentation and other industries need.

Ping Hai Machinery Industry pulley drive advantages:

1, pulley drive can ease the load impact;

2, belt drive smooth running, low noise, low vibration; simple pulley drive structure, easy adjustment;

3, pulley drive pulley for the manufacture and installation of strict accuracy is not as engaged transmission;

4, the pulley drive with overload protection function;

5, two-axis drive from the center pulleys wide range of adjustment.

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